Everybody has a desired destination to go to a special place called “there.” It’s a place in the bedrock of our souls that drives us to do more, want more, or become more. For some, it’s about making more money, getting a husband or wife, acquiring a new home, or building a ministry or business. For others it is the desire to travel the world, become popular or simply put – make it big! Whether natural or spiritual, that drive when left unfulfilled will continue to gnaw at you until you make a move. But, if you’re not careful it could lead to making premature moves that can shipwreck your journey. Conversely, not making a move could also shipwreck your journey. 

Did you know that the right plan executed at the wrong time is as dangerous as the timing being right but you don’t have a plan or you’re unprepared?  On one hand you are ready to make a move but remain paralyzed for many reasons. On the other hand, you move too swiftly and still miss your moment. That is to say you are out of sync with time when opportunity was in search of preparation, but opportunity met you – unprepared.

With each era of chronological time comes a type of individual or movement that marks the times by demonstrating a new belief system, fashion and style, or a particular temperament contrary to what is the current norm. Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, marked time with a focus on life after one of the greatest wars of all time – World War II. After the war, Americans enjoyed a new-found prosperity, hence a burst in population growth (baby boom). You are called a Gen Xer if you were born between 1965 and 1979.  It was the counterculture of the 60s and 70s that gave us the Hippie. This group marked time by rejecting the mores of mainstream America in that day. Spreading love and peace was their focus. Then came the Millennials, a combination of Gen X and Y and sometimes Z depending on your source – those born between 1980 and today. I call them Digi-Babies!

A Digi-Baby is a baby born into this world filled with advanced, dynamically-changing technology and when the doctor taps the Digi-Baby on its bottom at birth to initiate a cry to get them breathing on their own, instead of crying the baby looks at the mother and says, “Where’s my iPhone? Where’s my iPad?” Give them a little time, a few months or so, they can show the parents how to do things with their technology and gadgets that they never imagined, and once imagined they still could not operate the devices on their own. Digi-Babies don’t require tutorials on how to operate games and apps – they just swipe and go.

There is something to be said about Digi-Babies that I believe Baby Boomers could learn from – a rare type of wit (mental sharpness and inventiveness laced with keen intelligence), natural know-how, and an enthusiasm to chase after what they want in life. As I encounter them in the workplace and the marketplace at large, work-life balance is a priority for them. They will quit a job if certain liberties seem threatened and interfere with what is important to them. They are so unusual and aggressive toward getting “there” that many others fear them because they, the Digi-Babies, are fearless.

Recently, I was asked in a radio interview what I thought about Millennials that seem to go at life (work and church) with a good idea, and sometimes a God idea but are headstrong lacking wisdom, mentorless, and fearless. It didn’t take long for me to formulate a response because there are some attributes about this group that are to be admired and desired. They are young, they sense a calling or a strong “want-to” on their lives (natural, spiritual or both), and they readily act on it. On the other hand, the Baby Boomers have lived a while and have had a few credit-worthy life experiences in some cases but remain unfulfilled. They believe they were called to do more in life, but they continue to sit back in the cut under the premise that they are waiting for resources to fall in place. This is the most common response I get from the Baby Boomer.  They’ve made a few things happen, but overtime they continue to lose their drive and enthusiasm for producing the older they become. They lose momentum and have to repeatedly start over again and again.

I can say this because I am a Baby Boomer, but I also have Millennial tendencies. I’ve seen and continue to see both sides on a consistent basis. I encounter individuals that say to me, “I want to do this or that.” I ask them what steps have they taken or are currently taking toward making this or that happen, and the answer is a resounding, “Nothing!” In my experience, I’ve learned two key things:

  1. When your want-to is real, the power to do will begin to rise up to a level that compels you to take action.
  2. Resources respond to demand in the same manner that answers reveal themselves only when the right questions are posed or when you make the required move at the right time.

So, the Digi-Baby puts a demand on life by freely taking steps that the Baby Boomers hesitate to take, even though they are literally dying on the inside because their place called “there” continues to gnaw at their gut.

“A significant number of Christians believe the Bible enough to get saved, but they fall short in experiencing the abundant life Jesus said He came to give.”  Excerpt from Dr. Jackie’s stellar composition, Simple Truths: What You Don’t Know Can Destroy You!

One of the greatest life lessons I’ve learned is that when you have a goal, dream, or vision in front of you, and you get in motion to take Step 1 toward making it happen, your greatest opposition presents itself at that precise moment in time. Baby Boomer, I understand that it’s hard when opposition arises. But, because opposition emerges, that is a tale-tell sign that something supernatural is taking place. When opposition comes, divine vision helpers (angels or people sent by God) get in motion to assist but have to pause in their tracks with tied hands. Why? …because of the doubt and unbelief that many accept into their minds and the negative things they say because they cannot see in full instantly. 

How I motivate myself when the Baby Boomer side of my makeup gets in a rut, I focus on my mantra, which is, “Only say what you want your outcome to be.” Why? …because words are containers, and they carry out the command of your direct order.

What if the Baby Boomer borrowed some of the tenacity that the Digi-Baby possesses, and the Digi-Baby borrowed some of the wisdom, life experiences, and discipline of the Baby Boomer? When you combine the youth and creative genius of the Digi-Baby with what the Baby Boomer brings to the table through mere longevity in the earth, something planned and spontaneous can happen simultaneously. Witty ideas and inventions emerge and materialize. You go from bigger, better to greater in what appears to be an instant. Simple collaboration and capacity to see from several perspectives makes beautiful things happen because the Digi-Baby and the Baby Boomer join forces to get the job done. The Digi-Baby’s time lost because of premature moves and in some cases lack of discipline is regained as the Baby Boomer’s time wasted is redeemed through what the Digi-Baby brings to the table – the ability to give legs to a dream and walk it out. I call it the great exchange. Digi-Babies make things happen!

So, I salute the Digi-Baby generation. Digi-Baby, what you possess is great, and I admonish you to put a demand on the elders and seniors in your life and learn to hear the voice of God clearly – God’s voice is the loudest soft voice you’ll ever hear! But, to hear it, you must tell the noise of life to shut up! You must be patient and follow His lead and timing. This will minimize unnecessary pitfalls and unGodly delays. Don’t let anyone transmit doubt and unbelief to you, for with God all things are possible if you only believe.

Baby Boomer, the same energy you use to doubt yourself, hide behind excuses, and procrastinate, re-route that energy to the part of you that determines what you will A. believe or B. not believe, and choose B. believe. It’s about choice. No one else can make the “potentialled you” happen!

Here’s what you can look forward to – while “there” is a place, it is also a moment in time when the thing you desire comes to pass. It is a moment in time when the unseen, desired thing can now be seen on this side of heaven. You can see, touch, taste, smell, or hear it. It is a joy that can be repeated as you continue to trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding; you acknowledge Him in all your ways, and as a result, He directs your path, (Prov. 3:5-6). What a way to mark time!

To the Baby Boomer, how will you put your stamp on time? Woulda – coulda – shoulda? To the Digi-Baby, so you made something happen and deem it a success. Do you realize you could have avoided some adverse things or gained further ground if you relied on the eyes of those who could tell you some of the things that might lie ahead, not to scare or discourage you, but to equip you with an added measure of foresight and insights? Please, know this: There is much to be said about “Been There’s” ability to help “Going There” get there.

… we are better together! For where there is unity, there is strength.

Dr. Jackie Golden

Dr. Jackie Golden is a sought-after minister of the Gospel, motivational speaker, consultant, entrepreneur, and author. She is noted for speaking Holy Ghost inspired, life-changing revelations, often unaware. The impact of this ministry expression has helped not only those in the Church, but has also influenced the marketplace. 

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