Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV

New – who doesn’t like “new?” New jobs, new clothes, new shoes, new cars, new houses, new restaurants, new directions for our lives – who doesn’t like new?

I did a little research on the word new, and I learned some interesting things. Even the mere definition of the word is interesting in and of itself: the word has a dual meaning. On the one hand (and I believe this is the definition most people think of when considering the word), new means “not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time.” In other words, this new thing, item, person, concept, etc. is new to everyone. No one has seen it before or experienced its existence.

Another definition for new is, “already existing but seen, experienced, or acquired recently or now for the first time.” A preowned automobile isn’t new per se, but for the person who purchases it, the vehicle is new to him or her. We’ve seen a moon before, so they aren’t “new,” yet every 29 ½ days, God gives us a new one!

In Ecclesiastes 1:9, King Solomon said, “there is no new thing under the sun.” Think about it: the telephone is historically listed as being invented in 1876. Though the item itself – a “talking telegraph” was new, the concept – communicating messages and information via an audio instrument – was not new. How so? In Numbers 10:9, Moses gave the Israelites this instruction and promise from God, “When you go into battle in your own land against an enemy who is oppressing you, sound a blast on the trumpets. Then you will be remembered by the LORD your God and rescued from your enemies.” The Israelites didn’t have telephones, but using a shofar enabled them to get the message across!

No matter how we apply the definition of the word new, we know our Savior specializes in making new creations. When a sinner gives their heart to the Lord, they immediately become a new creature. All the old things – the sin, the shame, the condemnation – are passed away, and everything becomes new. Salvation of a soul is such an exciting event, heaven starts rejoicing! (Luke 15:10)

It’s 2017, and if you haven’t given your life to Christ, right now – today – is the perfect time. Get saved, and start walking in newness of life. You have the divine assurance of being a new creature in Christ. Hallelujah, to God, the old has gone, and the new is here! Be Blessed.

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