2 Chronicles 20:1-4, KJV 15-17 NIV

Have you ever felt hemmed in by the situations of life? Held in a grip of circumstances so tight you felt you would never be let go? Everywhere you turned, you were beset by trouble with people, places and even things. You faced trouble at work from conniving coworkers seeking to undermine and resist you. You dealt with trouble at school; either from bad grades, bullying classmates – or both. Even your home failed to offer a safe space and respite from worry or stress. Your life mirrors a line from the words in an old song, “Everywhere you go, there is trouble.”


Fortunately for us, the Bible is chockfull of examples of others who faced similar seasons of trial and crisis. Responsible for an entire nation, King Jehoshaphat faced a seemingly insurmountable crisis of mammoth proportions. No less than four armies were marching toward Judah, armed and ready for battle. Ready for war, these armies were coming to overthrow, conquer and enslave God’s people. Jehoshaphat was in trouble!


Had these armies known where they were marching, I dare say they would have turned back, or even not headed in Judah’s direction at all. They were focused on marching into Zion – but they were marching under the wrong flag. You see, King Jehoshaphat knew Jehovah-Nissi, “The LORD our banner.” Jehoshaphat proclaimed a fast, and he and the entire nation set themselves to seek God’s help and divine intervention. They took their focus off the looming disaster, and centered it on its proper place: the face of God.


They were not disappointed. Sending a prophetic word through Jahaziel, the Lord informed His people He was taking ownership of the battle. This was not their fight, it was His. So, what if the enemy kings were marching in Judah’s direction? Their march toward Zion would not end well for them – because God was in the midst of His people!


The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). No matter what problem, circumstance or situation sent from the enemy to harm you comes your way, you have no need to worry. Just remember the battle is not your battle; it belongs to God. The Lord’s people are the only ones who march in victory! Be Blessed.

4 thoughts on “Marching Into Zion

  1. Thank you for this revealtion. My current situation at work my leaders and co-workers undermine and resist me, however the battle is not carnal and it belongs to the Lord!

    I am thankful for your words of encouragement sister Joyce!

    I pray that GOD continues to expand and prosper your ministry!

  2. Oh thank you sooooo much Evangelist Rodgers because I am in a battle of every which way I turn I am faced with adversity in my professional job. This was right on time. Thanks again for your up lifting words of encouragement. You have blessed my soul tonight reading your passages. It gives me strength and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Blessings

  3. A very timely and encouraging message for us; the people of The Lord! In this season of chaos, deception and uncertainty, the arm of The Lord is our strong deliverer! I praise Our God for such a consistently focused and relevant messenger as yourself; Evangelist Joyce L. Rodgers! You are making a difference!

  4. Confirmation! Confirmation!! I just thanked GOD in prayer TODAY for the same favor that was shown to Jehoshaphat BEFORE his battle && Gideon before his, because HE is the same GOD yesterday, today & forevermore! Continued abundance of blessings upon you my sister in ALL that you set your heart & hands to.
    __ in Christ XOXO!

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