O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good. Psalm 136:1 KJV

For the Lord is good. Psalm 100: 5 KJV

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good. Psalm 34:8 KJV

“God is good . . . .” the pastor said confidently to his congregation, leaning over the top of his podium. His face beamed as he anticipated the response he knew was coming.

“ . . . .All the time!” the congregants bellowed, rising to their feet. They too had sensed the spirit of praise sweeping over the sanctuary, and were eager to enter in. Their minister of music tickled the keys of the organ as the drummer made ready.

“And all the time . . . .” the pastor rang out, his voice strong and sure. Some of the elderly mothers began to break out into dances of joy.

“God is good!”

That was all everyone needed to say and hear. Almost en masse, the people yielded to the Holy Spirit, clothing themselves in a spiritual garment of praise. Many danced in the Spirit; others lifted their hands to heaven. Some spoke in tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance; talking to God in languages filled with praise.

Still others wept – some for joy and others from conviction, tears streaming down their faces. In those minutes of praise and thanksgiving, the people were blessed by that singular, uniting truth:

“God is good!”

Right now, for just a minute, I challenge you to stop what you’re doing. Take a few minutes to truly reflect on those three little words: “God is good!” What comes to mind?

For me, I think about the grace God showed to me by coming into my life at a young age; saving me and baptizing me in the Holy Spirit. I think about the blessing of having a praying Mother, and siblings who know the Lord, love Him, and are serving in ministry.

I think about the steadying influence of my spiritual mentors; those who have gone home to meet the Lord, and those who yet remain. I think of how God blesses me when I travel, and protects me over the dangerous highways and byways – and the airways!

And when I think of the people I have been blessed to lead to Christ; young and old, male and female, of all ethnicities and demographics. When I think of the backsliders who have been reclaimed, marriages put back together, bodies and minds healed, devils cast out, and people being set free, tears stream down my face, and I, too, and compelled to proclaim:

“God is good!”

Think of how good God has been to you, and give thanks. God is good . . . all the time! And all the time . . . God is good!

Be Blessed.

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