Fear. Doubt. Unbelief.

I dare say those three factors account for much of the failure we experience in our lives. And no, I’m not speaking of “failure” from the standpoint of falling into sin or displeasing God. That’s an entirely different category and a different issue.

We often fail because we don’t even try.

We don’t try because of fear – fear of the unknown, fear of ridicule, fear of failure, you name it. We don’t try because we’re too busy doubting; wondering if we truly heard God. Like Moses, we think of a million-and-one excuses why God surely doesn’t want to use us – not us, not with our ___________________ (you fill in the blank with whatever it is causing you to submit to doubt). And if that’s not bad enough, sometimes we act like Zachariah, who refused to believe the angel Gabriel – and wind up being rebuked for our unbelief (Luke 1:18-25).

Think about it. The Lord often sends opportunities our way. Opportunities to move into greater areas of ministry or to be used more by God. Opportunities to take Him at His word, step out on faith and experience deeper levels of His glory. Greater opportunities to experience the sweet privilege of being God’s chosen vessel. Greater opportunities to live to our fullest natural and spiritual potential. Greater opportunities to GO B.I.G.
Going B.I.G. means to, “Go, Believe In God!”

It means saying “Yes!” to God and saying an emphatic “NO!” to the fear, doubt and unbelief hindering our progress and keeping us bound.

So, are you ready to Go B.I.G.?

If you are, join me on August 24, 25 & 26 for the GO B.I.G. 2017 Conference in Arlington, TX. Come to be inspired, spiritually invigorated and renewed. Come to the Conference so you can GO B.I.G and then go home, believing in God to do great things!


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