I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. –Philippians 3:13-14 KJV

I watched with anticipation as the presenter began introducing her workshop outline to the class. The women’s conference was large and well-known, with over 1,000 women in attendance. The topic covered several “hot button” issues of interest to saved women in the church who also happened to be single: the pros and cons of online dating, whether women should give a yay or nay to romances with unsaved men, and the virtues – or pitfalls – of hiring a matchmaker.

The session was 60 minutes and promised to be a doozy. Imagine our surprise when the presenter pulled a stuffed Sesame Street Elmo doll!

“Now I already know things are going to get heated in here,” she said as she walked around the room. “You may not like what I say, and that’s ok. In fact, you may vehemently disagree with some of the things I say, and that’s ok. She paused for emphasis, and spoke in deliberate, measured tones.

“We can discuss, but what we won’t do is argue.” She continued, “To make sure we don’t get bogged down, and to make sure we don’t fall out, Elmo here is going to keep us straight.” The presenter laughed at our puzzled expressions. She walked over to the board and spelled out E L M O lengthwise in all capital letters. “Here’s how Elmo is going to help us. Just take the first letters of his name. When things get too intense, I’m going to hold Elmo up and say,





The class erupted in laughter, and we went on to enjoy a thought-provoking presentation. It probably goes without saying Elmo was pulled out of the presenter’s bag at least five times during the session! As I contemplate the coming New Year, my mind goes back to that session, and the purpose Elmo served in the class. When things got too bogged down and counterproductive, Elmo came out. By the third time he was pulled out of her bag, we eagerly proclaimed with the presenter, “Enough! Let’s Move On!”

Today, as this New Year begins, I want to challenge you to address all the counterproductive aspects of your life. What’s bogging you down? Is there a habit you need to break, or a shift in mindset you need to make that’s long overdue? Do you need to let go of the past in order to fully embrace your future?

Let’s follow the example set by the Apostle Paul by forgetting the things that are behind us (they’re behind us for a reason!) and stretch forth to what’s ahead. A New Year is here, and we have 365 new days to get things right. With your eyes on God’s divine blessings, promises, and power, look at the negativity in your life squarely in the face and shout, “Enough! Let’s Move On!”

Be Blessed.


6 thoughts on “Enough. Let’s Move On

  1. I’m so appreciative of you !! Thanks so much for sharing this “Awesome ” message… So encouraging more than you’ll ever know!!

    Kimberly Ross

  2. This is a confirmation to what was addressed this morning to a young lady who just quit her job under duress situations. I Thank you for the Words of Wisdom.

  3. This was Awesome, Although I was not able to attend the the conference, do you know if the session was recorded. I would like to stay connected to you in prayer. Do you still hold your weekly prayer sessions on Facebook Live, and if so do you have a link where people can easily connect to your page. I tried to connect through your Joyce Rogers Ministry Page although gave the information to Facebook I couldn’t connect to your life Session. Also will you be doing your online Master Class again this year? And Do you Post your itinerary for the public to see and attend some of you live events? Thanks Again for All You Do,and Have Done for The Kingdom of God.

    Blessings Elder C.

  4. This is awesome ! I believe truly that there’s a place and time for everything. Yes we do get bogged down with things sometime these things are not our to contend with. We take on problems that are not ours at times thinking we have the solution when we haven’t prayed first. But today I thank God for allowing us to say Enough ! Move on. Just cast all your cares on me for I careth for thee. Amen
    Love you

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