Today, I decided to take a trip to the bay for a little fun in the sun. The weather is absolutely gorgeous! I could have taken my normal vehicle to get me to the bay, but I decided to ride my handy bicycle to get there. Different vehicle. Same destination.

My friend, God has a beautiful destination for you. There are moments along the journey when you will have to switch modes of transportation. Where you once was moving at an accelerated rate, God will switch things up, allowing you to slow down and even sweat a little in an effort to prepare you to handle the blessing that lies ahead for you.

So, don’t be disappointed if you are not moving as fast as others right now. Be open to change, and enjoy the slow movement! Get this–YOU’RE STILL MOVING! Don’t stop because you’ve slowed down. Keep going! The pace doesn’t change the destination. Enjoy the ride, my friend! You’re going to reach your destination!


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