It is common to feel frustrated when you don’t recognize the voice of God. Samuel heard his name called repeatedly while lying down. He went back and forth to answer Eli, thinking it was him calling, but no, it was the Lord calling Samuel (1 Samuel 3). Here is the beauty of this story: Though Samuel didn’t recognize the Lord’s voice at first, the Lord continued calling his name. Here we see God’s persistence and patience with Samuel.

God didn’t skip over Samuel because He didn’t recognize His voice the first time. He kept calling Samuel’s name. What is beautiful about Samuel is that he didn’t ignore the voice after he missed it the first few times. He kept getting up.

I want to encourage you to not get frustrated when seeking the Lord. Even if you don’t understand the Bible or recognize His voice as keenly as others, the Lord is persistently calling your name. He is patient and He will to speak to you. You may not hear an audible voice; He may speak through a magazine article or He may reveal Himself through a conversation with a friend. Be open and receptive to how He chooses to speak to you. Keep seeking and expect to hear from Him.



7 thoughts on “Did You Call Me?

  1. Thank you so much for this because even though I am an evangelist it get difficult mainly because you dont won’t to go ahead of God are hear wrong so thank you

  2. God bless you Evangelist Joyce, thank you for this word. Myself and my best friend is wrestling with this issue right now.

  3. Beautiful. Thank you for those words. I really needed to hear. I get flustered when it seem I’m not doing what He want but I don’t really understand what or when He want.

  4. Thank you Evangelist J Rodgers. Just what I needed to hear today, an encouraging word from the Lord.

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