Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you.” Joshua 3:5 NIV


Consecration. The online dictionary states to “consecrate” yourself essentially means to wholly dedicate yourself to something of greatest importance. When spoken plainly, however, “consecration” refers to the act of setting yourself aside and dedicating yourself to God.

Joshua commanded the people under his leadership to consecrate themselves. He and his fellow Israelites were preparing to take what would be a monumental step in the nation’s history. At long last, they would be entering the land promised by God so many years before.

The land of Canaan had been promised to Abraham, the patriarchs and to Moses. Joshua himself had originally entered into the land as one of 12 spies 40 years prior. Of the 12, only he and Caleb believed they could take the land on the spot.  The negative report of the 10 remaining spies, coupled with Israel’s unbelief concerning God giving them the land, caused Israel to balk – and they refused to go in. The result? Forty more years of wandering in the wilderness until a new generation reached adulthood (Numbers 13-14).

And now Joshua was commanding the Israelites to consecrate and dedicate themselves completely to the Lord. He wanted the people to be ready, because the Lord was about to “do amazing things” among them. Did you catch that? They needed to be ready. At long last, God’s promises would be fulfilled, and they had to be in the proper mental, physical and spiritual place to receive the blessings. Joshua 12 provides a complete list of “the kings of the land whom the Israelites had defeated and whose territory they took.” God kept every one of His promises, and Israel entered into the Promised Land. Hallelujah!

Since our inception, October has served as consecration month here at Primary Purpose Ministries. For us, this is a time of setting ourselves aside in fasting, praying and wholeheartedly seeking the face of God for His confirmation and direction. We’re not waiting until 2019 to begin seeking God about His plans for us in the New Year – we’re seeking Him right now!

So, do you need the Lord to confirm some things in your life, or provide His sure direction for your next short-term or long-term steps? Do you want to make sure you’re in place and ready for God’s next moves? Then I invite you to commit to joining us in our October consecration. Dedicate some quality time to fasting, praying and meditating on the Word. Consecrate yourself, because the Lord is about to do some amazing things in your life! Be Blessed.



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