In addition to everything else adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, travel is near the top of the list. Needless to say, travel is a vital aspect in the life of an evangelist. For this reason, I stay abreast of the CDC guidelines and airline companies’ updates and recommendations concerning safe travel. Regardless of what they say, my ultimate consultant is the Lord.

Though my travel is restricted, I am inspired when I read biblical passages concerning the travels of one of Christendom’s greatest evangelists: The Apostle Paul. Our scripture text this month covers what is known as “Paul’s 3rd Missionary Journey.”

As I viewed all the travels, and Paul’s going from one city to the next, I was strongly reminded of my own life, traveling from one state to the next, and sometimes from one country to the next. I must have a passport to gain entry, and every time I travel internationally, my passport is stamped.

Reviewing Paul’s travels, I pictured his “spiritual passport” in my mind. His spiritual passport not only documents his physical travels, but also documents his love for his fellow believers and his desire to see them, so he could strengthen them and encourage them.

His spiritual passport also documents the persecutions he endured. Those persecutions actually became a hallmark of his ministry. Do you hear angry voices shouting from the synagogue? See a mob rioting in the street? The Apostle Paul is very likely somewhere in the vicinity.

Yet despite the trials and tribulations, Paul’s spiritual passport was also marked by the grace of God upon his life, the grace of God that flowed through him in his efforts to strengthen and encourage his fellow believers.

And God’s grace is what gives me strength and encouragement in these trying times. Yes, our travels are physically limited because of the pandemic, but thanks be to the Lord, nothing and no one can limit us spiritually. We can intercede for one another in prayer, trusting the Holy Sprit to pray through us with just the right words (Romans 8:26-27).

When you receive our emails concerning times of intercessory prayer, join us. It’s one method of stamping your spiritual passport! 

Be Blessed.

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