A dog will chase a moving vehicle to get the driver’s attention. The dog barks, hollers and howls as it runs after the vehicle, but eventually gets tired of chasing when it realizes it can’t keep up with the focused driver.
So many of you are headed to greatness and it looks like haters are coming out of nowhere. They do so much to chase you down to get your attention. My advice to you is to stay focused, and keep driving. Let them bark in the background, but you keep on driving! They will get tired after a while and realize that they can’t keep up with you! #ReJOYCE

3 thoughts on “Keep Driving!

  1. Joyce I’m truly becoming very Tired. I can’t really express the way I truly feel on social media. I’m to the point that I’m finding it really hard to trust anyone. But I never have been the type to trust a lot of people. I have never thought about giving up on the Lord for one minute. I feel there is a few Snakes in the Loop too. I’m just keeping it real.

  2. I needed those Encouraging Words…
    Thank You for your Powerful Words.
    May God continue to Bless You.

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